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Principal investigator, Dr Maria Ahlholm is interested in analyzing how newcomers learn new languages through multilingual socialisation process.More info

Ninni Lankinen worked as project planner in Meeting in the Middle. She is also a teacher of Finnish as a second language. She is interested in oral language learning and developing ways of utilising multilingualism and translanguaging in learning.

Salla-Maaria Suuriniemi is a doctoral student and a teacher of Finnish as a second language.  She is interested in multilingual learning and linguistically responsive teaching as a concept and pedagogical practice in primary education.

Marjo Yli-Piipari is a doctoral student and is temporarily working as a university instructor. She has also worked as a second language teacher for many years. She is interested in processes of development of second languages in L2 classrooms from the perspective of Russian speaking children. More info

Tatsiana Shestunova (, PhD student, MA (Ed.) is doing research focused on the living experience of Finnish teachers working with recently arrived students during their first year in Finland.